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I have always considered myself a human being first, and therapist second. My story is only one among the many millions of human stories out there, each one unique and beautiful. And yet, since it is my own story, the one I know most intimately, it's the one I share with others here.

My mother, a strong and courageous single mother, moved us to the United States from Haiti when I was 8 years old. Many people hear the word “Haiti” and immediately think of the vast and tragic poverty on our island nation. And while we were not poor, poverty was all around us. I do not think primarily of “bad things” when it comes to my home. It is a beautiful, wonderful place. I think of the smiles of our neighbors, and the sounds of the music and the smell of my late grandmother's cooking.


Life can be difficult, you see; and yet it does not need to end as a sad story in your mind.

I got a lesson in this reality when I was 14 years old. I nearly perished in a roaring apartment fire. That fire devoured every meager material possession that I had. It was devastating, and yet, when I raised my head again, even at that young age, I could see that I had everything I needed still inside my heart. A desire to help others was my own inner treasure that no fire could extinguish.

Life gave me little clues as I matured that I was on the right track, and doing what I was put on this earth to do. Little things like getting voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in junior high, even though I was often thought of the "strange little Haitian girl with the funny accent." I began writing and won a prize for that; I loved singing too, and decided to participate in contests in singing as well... and won a prize in that arena, too.

I do not mention all these things to brag – after all they're just the little moments in a child's life. But I want to share with you my philosophy, and that is to look towards what is possible instead of what has already happened. Of course, we need to look with courage and steadfastness at the past, especially our own actions, but we must also always be creating our own story, building our own futures through love and understanding and a joy for life.

All my life has been about growing and helping and loving. Through the spiritual, through the emotional, through the personal and the professional. There are so many ways for the human flower to blossom. I've been so blessed to work with so many interesting, joyous and generous people in the course of writing my books and guiding my clients. Each morning I wake up wondering whose story will cross paths with mine today. Just by reading this, you have already forged a connection between us that I hope will continue to flower and grow.

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